New Ylvis Videos Added 29/10/13

Here are the newly subtitled in English Ylvis videos for today, Tuesday, October 29th:

Tid For Hobby #2 (YAY! CAMPING!):

Question of the Day – Conducting a Choir (SUBBED):

Guests on Fin Fredag (SUBBED – haven’t watched yet but looks exceedingly funny!):

Big in Kyrgyzstan – Episode 6 (SUBBED):

Big in Kyrgyzstan – Episode 7 (SUBBED):

Fuck You (Season 3, Episode 3 clip) (SUBBED):

No Limits (Season 3, Episode 15 intro):

The 60’s – Deleted Scenes and Bloopers: (TVNorge’s embed doesn’t seem to work.)


ALSO — Bård tweeted today, “I would preferably not reveal too much, but the shit is going down tonight.” !!!

Guess we English speakers will have to wait at least till tomorrow to find out what?!

Please remember if you like a video to visit it on YouTube and leave a comment or a thumbs up. Just click the YouTube logo on the video, and you will be transferred over. The video will even keep playing from where you left off.


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