Happy Halloween!!


UPDATE: So this is what Bård and Vegard’s timelines look like… or, well, a small snippet of them 😀

Congrats guys, you did a great job!!!!!

IMPORTANT: Do NOT change your icons back until tomorrow. If you change your icon, it will change in all your previous tweets as well, and we want to give them time to see the full effect.

ylvisfans tweets

Oh and here is the intro to the Halloween episode of the show tonight:

More new videos tomorrow!



We’ve been asking ourselves the last few days what we can do to celebrate Halloween, Ylvis-style, and last night we came up with the answer: we’re going to prank Bård and Vegard’s Twitters! Here’s how:

1) If you do not have a Twitter account, go make one now. It literally takes 3 minutes (you can skip all the steps they make you go through at the beginning by just closing the tab and going to Twitter in a new one). Follow Bård and Vegard’s twitter accounts:
and if you want also https://twitter.com/bylvis

2) Set your Twitter profile icon to be either the Werebard or Vegpire icon included here, graciously provided with permission by ylvisaakerartist.

3) About one hour from now, 5pm-ish Norway time, we will all need to start sending tweets to Bård and Vegard’s twitter accounts:

4) We all need to be tweeting the same things random Ylvis quotes at them. Or whatever strikes your fancy, so long as you have the right profile picture. Some suggestions are:

a) I f****** love you, you blood-sucking son of a bitch! (From a Vegpire like me.)

b) If I’m Bård, and you’re Bård… WHO’S FLYING THE PLANE?!?!? (We’re all Bård.)

c) Werebård loves you ❤ / Vegpire loves you ❤

d) Your choice of random one-word Ylvis quote. e.g., SPAGHETTI! PIANO! MODULATION! SUNFLOWER! etc.

e) A Werebård like me wants another buddy kiss.


5) DO NOT tweet them from the same account every minute.The point is to overwhelm them with how many of us there are, not *only* to be annoying, so the tweets have to be coming from many different accounts, not one account all at once.

6) Keep it going at a steady pace until midnight tonight Norway time (GMT+1). You don’t have to be glued to your computer/phone, just send a tweet every now and then when you think of it.

7) If they ask what's going on, no one tell them! Just keep tweeting the phrases.

Here are ylvisaakerartist's Twitter icons for you to set as your profile pic:



This could be epic if we do it right, but everyone’s participation is required, so do everything you can to get the message out — Facebook it, Tweet it, etc.


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!

  1. Is anyone doing this. Its 6:41 pm in ny. So its 11:41 norway time, should I send them a tweet.

  2. eh, I did as you asked (but regrettably missed to hashtag it). I am new to twitter, but was wondering, is there really a way to see someone’s timeline, or did you search by the hashtag? when I go to one of their accounts, I only see the messages THEY sent out.


    • Hi Tom,
      No worries, at least you can say you participated 🙂
      You can’t see their Home timeline, which shows tweets from people they’re following. But you can see what their @Connect/Mentions look like by doing a search for @theusername.

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