New Ylvis Videos Added 04/11/13

Here are the newly subtitled in English Ylvis videos for today, Monday, November 4th:

“Deleted” Episode of “Norges Herligste”:

Some extra footage from Ylvis’s take on “Come Dine With Me” (SUBBED):

PAYBACK – Episode 5 (The Refrigerator):

Two Men in One Survival Suit (from the recent Halloween episode) (SUBBED):

Making of the Season 2 Intro (NOT SUBBED):

Hvem kan slå Ylvis (Who Can Beat Ylvis?) – The Bar Counter (SUBBED):
(Episode 4, Task 14)

Ylvis møter veggen – Vegard shoots Bård with a softgun (NOW SUBBED):

Ylvis in the news 2011 (Ylvis 4 Premiere) (SUBBED):

Ylvis on TVT (German Talk Show) (mostly in English):

Ylvis on Robin Svarar – Sweden vs Norway (SUBBED):


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