New Ylvis Videos Added 08/11/13

Here are the newly subtitled in English Ylvis videos for today, Friday, November 8th:

NOTE: This list may be updated later today. Having seen it live, I cannot wait to see the last episode of Swahiliwood with subtitles!

From yesterday’s episode:


Calle’s Quotation Mark 2000!:

Intro (Rhythm is a Dancer) (aka Calle takes over):

I kveld med Calle (SUBBED) (aka Calle takes over some more):

If Calle impersonating Bård and Vegard wasn’t enough for you, here are some other comedians doing it:
(This isn’t actually going on the site anywhere, but I thought I’d share 😉 )

And here’s a mockumentary by Magnus (SUBBED):
(I also don’t know where to include this since it’s something he did on his own, but Magnus gets funnier by the day)

Ylvis interviewed on Grosvold about Norges Herligste (SUBBED):


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