New Ylvis Videos Added 11/11/13

Here are the newly subtitled in English Ylvis videos for today, Monday, November 11th:

Note: As some of you are aware, TV Norge has had some of the subtitled videos removed from YouTube. As far as I’m aware, they’ve so far targeted only Emma, probably because she was uploading full episodes. I think I’ve removed the pages with her videos or updated where alternates were available, but if you come across any more videos on this site that aren’t working, please let me know.

This is obviously upsetting since Emma put in so much work subtitling the videos, and now we can no longer watch them, but it is TVNorge’s prerogative — they’ve been open enough to make a deal with the Facebookies, so most of the videos should be fine. We will try to enter into talks with them and see if there’s any way to make the previous seasons fully available to non-Norwegians. I’ll update everyone when we know more.

Ylvis’ EMA Performance:

Ylvis Interview on the Red Carpet at the EMAs (NOT YET SUBBED):

Ylvis Backstage Interview at the EMAs:

Talking English (clip from Season 2):

Ylvis Parodies Jostein (SUBBED):

More EMA clips to come, but they haven’t been subtitled yet.


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