New Ylvis Videos Added 16/11/13

Here are the newly subtitled in English Ylvis videos for today, Saturday, November 16th:

NOTE: As you can clearly hear in the Radio 1 interview, Bård sounds really sick. And that’s because he is: in last Tuesday’s UNICEF special they announced that he had strep throat (which is why Vegard ended up kissing the lady — Bård was supposed to do it, but the doctors said it could be dangerous for her). We’re not sure, but Vegard sounds like he may be sick now too. And yet they sang live, without playback, and still managed to sound pretty good (though you can hear Bård’s voice almost cracking at some points). So major kudos to them for soldiering through 🙂 Hopefully they’ll be recovered in time for next Friday’s performance at the MAMAs.

Ylvis interview on BBC Radio 1 (with Scott Mills):

Ylvis performance on BBC’s Children in Need:

(I’m embedding the official BBC video, cause VIEWS, but if you must see the intro it’s HERE.)

What does the bear say: VINE VIDEO

Video interview (and article) with The Telegraph: WATCH HERE


2 thoughts on “New Ylvis Videos Added 16/11/13

  1. This isn’t a new video, but somehow the “Lost in IKEA” video got onto the front page of YouTube!

    • That’s awesome, thanks for letting us know! It probably got a lot of views cause it got picked up by some news sites, here and here.

      Mind you, the comment on the first link and the entire second article make me despair for humanity… what has happened to people’s sense of humor? Since when is being stuck for a few minutes in an IKEA showroom “one the scariest things that could happen”?

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