New Ylvis Videos Added 17/11/13

Here are the newly subtitled in English Ylvis videos for today, Sunday, November 17th:

Magnus Makes a Bed (Season 3, Episode 18) (SUBBED):

Ylvis on Chatroulette (Mostly English):

Vegard on Brille (SUBBED):

Ylvis on Grosvold (NOW SUBBED):

Ylvis Goes Hiking (From Norges Herligste) (SUBBED):

BONUS: Subbed videos from Calle’s comedy group, Raske Menn:
For those who don’t know, Calle Hellevang-Larsen is Ylvis’s “sidekick” on I kveld med YLVIS. He’s known the brothers since they were in high school, but before joining them on IKMY, he was part of the trio Raske Menn (Fast Men), an equally successful comedy group. (The reason he wasn’t on Season 2 of I kveld med YLVIS is that he was doing a show with Raske Menn.)

Red Riding Hood:

History of the World in 5 Minutes:


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