New Ylvis Videos Added 20/11/13

Here are the newly subtitled in English Ylvis videos for today, Wednesday, November 20th:

Christmas came early today! Lots of videos 🙂

Norges Herligste – Rollespillmannen (Role Playing Man) (SUBBED):

Norges Herligste – Tirsdagsklubbmannen (Tuesday Club Man) (SUBBED):

Tid for Hobby #3 – Rosemaling/Flaring (NOW SUBBED!):

VGTV Report on Vegard with Josh Groban (SUBBED):

More UK interviews (poor Bård, he’s in obvious pain in these — “Bård is on the mend after a fierce streptococcal infection”. Hopefully he’ll mend fast, since today they landed in Hong Kong):

‘The Fox’ creators Ylvis not yet satisfied: A short video interview with a New Zealand news channel

Ylvis of What Does The Fox Say? fame having a right laugh: Vegard and Bård play a funny animal noises game with Heat

Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis on cult hit ‘The Fox’: An interview with

Ylvis on BFBS: Nice radio interview

More I kvled med Ylvis Promos:



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