New Ylvis Videos Added 21/11/13

Here are the newly subtitled in English Ylvis videos for today, Thursday, November 21st:

Note: Tomorrow, Ylvis will be performing with Crayon Pop at the Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMAs), a huuuuge Music Awards ceremony. HERE is a livestream of the event. The ceremony starts at 8pm Hong Kong time. I think that’s noon UTC (London) time… you can figure it out from there, right? 😉

ALSO: Next week, Ylvis are jetting to LA and will be appearing on Dancing with the Stars! And then they’re flying to Toronto, Canada, to perform at Much Music’s The Big Jingle on December 7th. Phew, that’s a lot of flying!

Voice Activated ATM UNICEF Edition (SUBBED):

Ylvis. With Kittens:

Today’s Question – Changing a Mac Screen and Tiling a Wall (SUBBED):
I know at least one person has been waiting for this one for a while 😉

4Music – Ylvis Choose Their Favourite Parody Of The Fox:

Euronews – Viral Fox video turned into children’s book:


Let’s Play

We’re Ylvis


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