New Ylvis Videos Added 23-24/11/13

Here are the newly subtitled in English Ylvis videos for Saturday, November 23th and Sunday, November 24th:

Also note that Emma is adding her videos back bit by bit, so I’m able to fill in the gaps created by the takedown 🙂

Who Wants It – Episode 10 (SUBBED):
It’s the last one ever! Awww…..

Breakfast With Ylvis (SUBBED):

Eating Expired Canned Food (SUBBED):

Calling a Swedish “Correspondent”:

NRK Report and Interview on Ylvis’ MAMA Win (SUBBED):

Dagblaget TV Interview in Hong Kong (NOW SUBBED!):

Ylvis Charm the Hong Kong Press (NOW SUBBED/ENGLISH):


Fan Cam Footage of Ylvis at the MAMAs:


2 thoughts on “New Ylvis Videos Added 23-24/11/13

  1. Hey, here’s another clear fancam footage. Frontal shot 😀


    Bard messed up the step @ 2:00 bahahaha

  2. Adding! Thank you! (Yeah he messed up a few of the steps lol. So cute though).

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