New Ylvis Videos Added 27/11/13

Here (a bit late sorry) are the newly subtitled in English Ylvis videos for today, Wednesday, November 27th:

(Yesterday’s post was skipped because there were no new videos)

First off, here’s a TELEPHONE INTERVIEW with Vegard about Janym with the Kyrgyzstani (scroll midway down to find the audio player). Thanks to ylvisfangirl, we know the one thing he was supposed to say but forgot after “kundun kotok” (how dick) translates as “in the mouth you f****** me” (and now you have to listen to the explanation cause that sounds really weird out of context):

Radio Taxi #2 SUBBED AT LAST!

Thank you “ok” for bringing it to my attention!

Ylvis on Dancing With the Stars:

So, this was a very brief appearance, but they got a good plug for their book, and they were all smiles at the end, so no complaints, right? (OK, well, complaints, but I’m trying to stay positive and remember it’s a show about dancers first! Also guess who’s kicking ass in this poll?)

THIS is actually a better quality version, but the hugs and smiles at the end are cut off.
And this one has good quality video and the full clip, but the sound is out of sync.
Which leaves the full clip, not very sharp image:

BRIEF INSTAGRAM VIDEO CLIP from a “private” performance of “The Fox” they did in Norway whilst flying between Hong Kong and L.A. They are just ridiculously hardworking.

VERY COOL – Pilots for I kveld med Ylvis (NOT SUBBED):

A legend is born….

First Pilot – Part 1
First Pilot – Part 2
First Pilot – Part 3
Second Pilot

Thank you Wendy for sending me the link! And thanks to whoever dug these out of obscurity on the Facebookies’ page!


Calle and Anders from “Raske Menn” spoof “Christian the Lion”:


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