New Ylvis Videos Added 29/11/13

Here are the newly subtitled in English Ylvis videos for today, Friday, November 29th:


Ylvis will be holding a book signing in Toronto on Saturday, December 7th, a few days afterbefore their performance on Much Music’s The Big Jingle. MORE INFO HERE. (New Yorkers, don’t forget you’ll get a chance to have your copies of the “What Does the Fox Say” children’s book signed as well, on December 11th.)

(Fun fact: I am Canadian. I don’t live in Canada anymore. I want to cry now.)

Today’s videos:

Bård Freaks Out Over Pizza (NOW SUBBED):

“Farting ’till You Die” (NOT SUBBED):

Ylvis Parody “Ompa ’till You Die” by Norwegian band Kaizer’s Orchestra, on Swedish TV.

And… that’s it. Alright, since it looks like our subtitlers are taking a well-deserved breather, I’ve decided that on days where there aren’t many new videos, I’ll highlight some oldies but goodies.

So, have you checked out the Spirit page yet? Here we have videos from the Norwegian-dubbed version of the animated film “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”… sung by Vegard! And since someone has kindly uploaded a better quality version of the song “Sound the Bugle Now”, I thought it would be a good video to feature.

For those that doubt this is really Vegard singing, WATCH THIS CLIP. The Bryan Adams-esque voice was done, erm, “by request”, as Vegard explained on an episode of O-fag:



More Subbed Raske Menn (News for the blind, the deaf and the hard-of-hearing):


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