New Ylvis Videos Added 1/12/13

Here are the Ylvis videos for Sunday, December 1st:

Happy December! There are no new subtitled videos today, so here are some from the archives.

I always assume that every Ylvis fan out there has seen these, but every now and then I’ll come across someone who has just found them and I love watching them freak out… so just in case they’ve somehow escaped your notice until now, please enjoy some VERY NSFW Ylvis.


Big Boy:

The Rock Paper Scissors Man:

And just in case that’s not enough naked Bård for you…



Bård singing to the tune of “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaaks (NOT SUBBED):

(I’m not sure if he’s singing the lyrics translated or a different version… anyone? Ah someone in the YouTube comments says they are serious, “loosely translated to Norwegian, with some changes”.)


Raske Menn on Senkveld in 2009 (SUBBED):


One thought on “New Ylvis Videos Added 1/12/13

  1. Been following you guys since the beginning. Very grateful for all of the English subs! Also, keep the Raske Menn videos coming! I can’t get enough of them and Ylvis stuff!

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