New Ylvis Videos Added 02/12/13

Here are the newly subtitled in English Ylvis videos for today, Monday, December 2nd:

NEW Norges Herligste – Archipelago Troubadour (SUBBED):

This man is the eventual “winner” of the title of Norway’s Most Wonderful. Yup. This one.

Calle and Anders from Raske Menn sing “Just a Gigolo”:

“Gay Chicken” (SUBBED):
From another Norwegian comedy group, called Kollektivet (unrelated to Ylvis, but also funny!)

Also I came across this interview in Dagbladet with Vegard. It’s from a couple of years ago, but there’s a lot of interesting info in it about their childhood in Africa, the reception to I Kveld med Ylvis and the “Come Dine With Me” spoof, Vegard’s piloting skills, his relationship with Bård, and his family life (although both Vegard and Bård now live in Oslo and no longer have to commute).

Anyway, it’s well worth everyone’s read, so I did my best to translate it, with the help of bridgetotheotherside when Google translate became undecipherable.

It’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done

Vegard Ylvisåker (32) dreams of flying a Dash-8 through a blizzard in Finnmark (a county in the extreme northeastern part of Norway), but his wife refuses.

Virtually breaking the sound barrier: With a show at Edderkoppen in Oslo, and many other irons in the fire, and in the air! — is it any wonder that his kids call him “uncle” every once in a while?

– Oh God, this can go straight to hell.

It was his (Vegard Ylvisåker’s) last thought, in the seconds before the show began. When he heard the roar of the crowd and saw the heavy curtain that would soon be lifted, something happened inside his head. He became nervous.

– I’d never been on stage before and I knew that lots of people were watching, he said.

It was the winter of 1996 and the premiere of the Fana school theater outside Bergen.

– But then the curtains were raised, the opening dance began and suddenly I knew: “This is going to be bloody awesome.”

– The nerves just disappeared?

– Yes.

He waves his hand.

– They were gone immediately. The rest of the show was completely cream. He smiles.

– It was a strange feeling. It was kind of like, “Here is where I belong.”

HE ENTERED the lobby of the Hotel Bristol in Oslo at speed, 45 minutes late. The flight from Bergen lacked a small detail before it could take off, namely the airplane. Crew, airport, passengers, departure time — everything was arranged. But the aircraft had been forgotten. Thus, Vegard and hundreds of others had to wait an hour, two hours …

But now he is finally here, the oldest Ylvis brother. The latin lover-curls sticking out of his hat. The brown adorable eyes. The smile. The boyband charm. And a suitcase in tow.

– This was supposed to be a quiet and peaceful day, but …

He takes off his cap and tries to shake out his hat hair. There are just over two hours until “Ylvis 4”, the brothers’ successful show, begins at the Edderkoppen Theatre. It is fully booked until well after the New Year.

– I haven’t eaten either. My God, I’m hungry.

– There wasn’t an in-flight meal?

– There was no in-flight meal to be had. A cup of tea was the meal.

He sits down and finds serenity among the library-bar’s upscale and well-dressed ladies and gentlemen. Vegard Ylvisåker does not do stress.

He says “It’s enough to be at the theater by five-to”, when the show starts on the hour. He lives in the here and now. An ability that’s good to have for those times that he is finally home with his wife Helene and the kids Emma (4) and Mads (2) in Fana.

– It’s obviously not ideal to be away from them this much, but when I am home, I quickly slip back into regular life. It was worse when we were doing the talk show and the (variety) show at the same time; then I could come home at half past twelve at night and go back to Oslo 12 hours later, he explains.

– Is it almost like the kids don’t know you?

– Yes … It’s happened that they’ve called me “Vegard” or “Uncle Vegard,” but you know: Kids say the darndest things.

– Isn’t that bad?

– Well … it’s really not that difficult. If I say to them, “I’ll be travelling to Oslo again,” there will be crying. It’s not that fun. They don’t have a good relationship with Oslo, exactly.

– Is it worth it being so far away from them?

– If I were cynical, I could say sure, everything would have been easier if I didn’t have a family. I’m fortunate in that I have a straightforward and flexible wife; she does all the crappy jobs while I don’t have the time. You know what I always wanted?

– No?

– That one day I will be one of the select few who get to hear, “You won’t need to sleep anymore.” We waste so much time on sleeping! There are so many things I want to do, but I don’t have the time. Spending time with family, fixing and tinkering with things. If the faucet is dripping at home, I don’t want to call a plumber, I want to read up about it online and fix it myself.

– So you have to be forced into bed?

– Yes pretty much. Sleeping is a waste of time.

ON SEPTEMBER 19th, Vegard, Bård and Calle Hellevang-Larsen’s talk show, “Tonight with Ylvis”, debuted on TV Norge. Some felt that there were enough talk shows on TV already, but Vegard & Co. had barely started before it took off on social media.

“Lord my hat the Ylvis talk show is so good. Almost excessively impressive,” wrote one culture personality on Facebook. Others were hung up on “Best talk show on Norwegian TV ever.” “Better than Skavlan interviews, funnier than ‘New Again’, “more entertaining than ‘Late Night’”.

– It is the coolest thing we’ve ever done. The response has been overwhelming. Before the first episode was broadcast, we weren’t so sure, we didn’t sit and think “here we have a killer,” says Vegard.

The ratings on TV Norge are at a level that hasn’t been seen in several years. About half a million Norwegians viewed the show on TV. Ylvis’ page on Facebook is almost overflowing with praise — but Vegard isn’t bathing in champagne because of it.

– To this day I don’t have great self-confidence …

He thinks for a bit. Pushes a curl off his forehead.

– I’ve never thought “oh my god, we’ve become so good.” It takes a lot before we say something is really good.

The sandwich he ordered arrives. He grabs a knife and fork.

– Both Bård and I are extremely self-critical. It is very rare for us to make something and think, “this will be good.”

They’ve gotten the most attention for a parody of “Come Dine With Me”, where Vegard, Bård, and Calle quite simply drink themselves silly on camera. They threw down champagne, tequila and whatever else they could find. Vegard vomited out the window and was half asleep on the couch while Rein Alexander sang for them. Some thought it was hilarious. Others felt it belonged in a Russe-cabaret.

– Ohhh …

Vegard’s almost poorly just thinking back on it. Of course it was fun at the time, but there was a high price to pay.

– I realized quickly that it was going to be a crappy day. We started drinking champagne in the office as early as 11 o’clock. The fact that Rein Alexander was there and sang is just something I’ve been told. There’s a lot I don’t remember.

– You were really drunk?

– Oh, yes! We’re not such good actors. You should have seen the raw footage, it was even worse. I asked for the vomit scene to be taken out, because it was so disgusting. But it wasn’t.

He shakes his head. Laughs a little.

– Mom and Dad did not like it. They said, “you could easily have spared us from seeing that.”

HE REMEMBERS an airport in the middle of the jungle, where a fire truck and three jeeps had to light the concrete strip that passed for the runway. He remembers an overcrowded metropolis, soldiers with AK-47 rifles and the sight of many injured people. And he remembers Christmas Eve at the age of 12. Years spent in Mozambique and Angola, where the Ylvisåker family lived (following their father, who was working abroad) have left their mark.

– Christmas Eve we celebrated out by the pool with other families, but when we heard shooting, we went inside. I remember that Bård had forgotten our presents by the pool and was not allowed by mother to get them back. We heard ricochets hit the roof. Eventually he was allowed to bring the gifts if he carried an iron pot over his head, Vegard recounts.

His father was an engineer, while his mother was a nursing assistant.

– The main thing that my parents taught me? Giving your kids the opportunity to do what they want. They were always there for us, stimulated us really.

The brothers grew up with a piano and guitar at home, and Vegard’s rarely been as happy as when he got the amp he wanted for Christmas. It was a good home, a safe childhood for Vegard and Bård — and eventually their younger brother Bjarte (22).

It was after a performance at Fana high school that Bård was discovered by celebrity manager Peter Brandt. When Bård said he had an older brother who also sang and acted in theater, the brothers ended up performing for him at home in their bedroom, and presented some skits for him.

– It’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done, says Vegard, and laughs.

– Here stood an unknown man at home with us while we tried to be funny — with no experience. It was absurd.

JUST SIX MONTHS LATER, Bård and Vegard performed at the Ole Bull Theater in Bergen, at the ages of 18 and 21, with their own material. The comedic Ylvis duo was born.

– Were you nervous?

– No … We just thought, “Now we do this.” It was lovely not to have ambitions. I had been accepted into school in Lillehammer and Bård wanted to be an architect.

– You didn’t think that this was going to be your career path?

– I thought it was fun, but I was realistic. I’ve never been like, “Oh, God! I’m going to be on Broadway!”

He waves his arms like a decadent actor.

– Do you and Bård get sick of each other?

– Yes, it does happen. But it’s not like we have to sit in separate dressing rooms or anything. Then we’d have to take some measures. Luckily we both shy away from conflicts by nature.

– You’re obviously grumpy because Bård came second in the voting for Norway’s sexiest man, while you were number 30?

– Yes, of course. I have to arrange for a “face job” and add a few inches to my legs. Then I’ll climb the list, right.

AN AIRLINE CAPTAIN and three flight attendants arrive at the bar. The flight attendant’s outfits are suspiciously reminiscent of Pan Am uniforms, but Vegard, who after all has pilot training, knows better.

– Look over there, yeah. That’s the KLM crew, he says.

He wanted to be a pilot. As a child he was crazy about aircraft, and played with model airplanes. However, it seemed too manageable, and for a while he instead attended a Media Technology course in Lillehammer. But a musician friend, who was also a pilot, persuaded him to take the test for small aircraft, and two years later he went for “the full monty”. Today he is qualified to fly the big commercial planes.

– My idol is Bruce Dickinson, who’s the vocalist in Iron Maiden and flies a 747 airliner. That’s a combination I’d like myself.

– So what are your pilot plans now?

– I would like to fly a Dash 8, preferably through a blizzard in Finnmark.

– What does your wife think of your possible pilot career?

He smiles at the thought.

– My pilot career is not a top priority in the family, exactly. Helene brought our daughter and joined me in Tønsberg when I did pilot training, so I am not in a position to focus on it more.

“STOP” A lady tipsy on red wine at the next table gets almost all of the Bristol to turn.

– I like everything you do, she says eagerly.

– Even we old ladies love you and your brother.

The lady’s female companion looks at the floor, abashed. However Vegard is polite, as always.

– Thank you, thank you. Yes, we are are enjoying ourselves, we are, he says.

There is a half-hour until he should be standing on stage. But hurry? Oh no!

He talks about the new boat he’s purchased, and the new lawnmower that turns into a snow plow, and their third brother Bjarte, who will soon begin helicopter school in the United States.

– That is something I would love to do, too. The propeller on the roof is even better than wings.

Standing, he gets a lighter, faraway look:

– The dream is for the three of us to own a constellation [of companies] in which we do the same thing as we do today — and have our own airline and helicopter companies on the side. So we can fly to work and fly back home. Doesn’t that sound good?


4 thoughts on “New Ylvis Videos Added 02/12/13

  1. I officially love you- great new stuff!! Although a little resentful that now not only do I “have” to watch Ylvis and Calle videos- now will be looking up Kollektivet as well!! 😜 oh well, who needs a life!!

  2. Thank you so much for this translation!! What a fantastic interview! Lots of stuff I hadn’t heard before and I always enjoy hearing about their families. I feel bad that his parents didn’t like the “Come Dine with Me” parody but I love that one … I never get tired of watching them giggle. 🙂

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