New Ylvis Videos Added 04/12/13

Here are the Ylvis videos for today, Wednesday, December 4th:

BUT FIRST: Please note that the date of the Ylvis book signing in Toronto has been MOVED UP. Ylvis will now be signing copies of “What Does the Fox Say” on DECEMBER 7th from 12-2 pm at the Chapters on John and Richmond.

This is directly before their performance at Much Music’s The Big Jingle, which starts at 4:30 pm ET and will be streamed live on the Much Music website and broadcast on TV on December 14th at 6 pm ET (alas the livestream is not available in all countries).

Moving on, it’s a “from the archives” kind of day. Let’s see, what shall I highlight… how about some of our all-time-favorite clips from I kveld med YLVIS? Guaranteed to make you smile, if not laugh out loud!

Hands in Ice Water:

Hot Dog Machine:

Gene Test:

We Got it on Tape:

Buddy Kiss:

Talking African English to Madcon:


Some of you said you enjoyed the Kollektivet video from the other day, so have another one! (It’s similar to Pressure, though not as brilliant imo.)


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