New Ylvis Videos Added 7/12/13

Here are the newly subtitled Ylvis videos for Saturday, December 7th:

Today was the day of Ylvis’ book signing in Toronto, and their performance at Much Music’s (rather lame) The Big Jingle.

The book signing, however, was apparently amazing: we had a couple of members from the family there, and they managed to get some emergency banana rations to them capture THIS VIDEO from the start of the signing.

Before we get to the Big Jingle performance, here is a funny radio interview with Vegard on a Toronto radio station (original audio HERE):

I’ve also added a couple of Toronto print interviews to the In Print page.

The Big Jingle

Backstage at the Big Jingle:

The Big Jingle Performance:

Fancam from The Big Jingle:

Also make sure to check out their Christmas-themed PHOTOSHOOT.


Thanks to the Facebookies, here are another two episodes of Norges Herligste, in better quality than they’ve been seen before!




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