New Ylvis Videos Added 11/12/13

Here are the newly subtitled in English Ylvis videos for today, Tuesday, December 11th:

From their radio show, O-fag

If Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer Had a Baby (English Lyrics):

Ytterst på tissen (Funny even unsubbed – they’re basically just singing “Tip of the Penis” and then talking in sync):

More HD Norges Herligste!

The Art Ranger (NEW!) (SUBBED):

The Blueberry King (SUBBED):

Previously subbed by Emma)

The Roleplaying Man (SUBBED):

Previously subbed by fyeah ylvis

Also, we have yet another translated article!

This was originally published in 2007, but recently re-released. Lots of fascinating details and questions you don’t hear normally. Ylvis almost ended up being a boyband? Their manager went bankrupt? Vegard had wallpaper with 64 elephants on it? They used to poke ants with a stick and then lick it? Thanks to bridgetotheotherside.


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