New Ylvis Videos Added 11/12/13

Here are the new Ylvis videos for today, Wednesday, December 11th:

First, in case you didn’t notice the dancing fox next to YouTube’s logo today, “The Fox” has been named the top trending video of 2013 — and while some (all?) of us are more than ready for the rest of the world to wake up and realize there’s more to Ylvis than just that one song, it’s still a real accomplishment!

Now for some footage from New York.

On “The Today Show”, talking about “The Fox” book:

(That Orange Award they’re discussing… so annoying. I only found out about it 4 hours before the poll closed and we just didn’t have time to get the word out. They did end up being a close second though).

HERE is a video interview with the Norwegian VG (NOT SUBBED).

I’ll repost this once it’s subbed, but I thought I’d include it right away since some of you might see yourselves in there 🙂

HERE is a fan video from the first book signing.

A bit of background: a Norwegian on Tumblr has been giving funny lessons on “what to say if you meet Ylvis”. She included the line spoken here for the mother of an Ylvis fan (presumably a fan as well). The line spoken is: “We know older women like you, Vegard… My question is, do you like older women?” I think Vegard got the joke — based on what they signed in a copy of the book for the Norwegian teacher. (And if you don’t get the joke, you really need to brush up on your Ylvis video trivia 😉 )

There have been many other media appearances talked about (in addition to some radio interviews, there’s a fantastic picture from a NY photoshoot that took place yesterday going around, I’m guessing for another SPIN article) so check back for more in the next few days!

Moving on, the Facebookies are still on a roll!

Ylvis is flying (SUBBED):

Norges Herligste — The Boxershorts Man in HD (SUBBED):

A dozen more videos have been uploaded to the Facebookies channel, as yet unsubbed, so we have a lot more goodies coming our way 🙂


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