New Ylvis Videos Added 14-15/12/13

Here are the new Ylvis videos for Saturday, December 14th and Sunday, December 15th:

Sorry for skipping a day!

IMPORTANT QUESTION: are there any Canadians who DVRd/recorded the Big Jingle special that was on Much Music (TV) yesterday, and can upload the little clips of Ylvis answering audience questions for us?

Ylvis on Sirius XM Radio While in New York

Ylvis Accepting their Bergenser of the Year Award (NOT SUBBED):
Ylvis were awarded the title of “Bergenser of the Year” (Bergen is their home city). Since they were in New York, they gave their thanks via this video (and their parents accepted the award for them and made a cute speech).

Extended Footage from the MAMAs Press Conference:

Ylvis during commercial breaks at the IKMY UNICEF Special recording:

Norges Herligste — Evighetsmaskinen (Infinity Machine) (SUBBED):


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