New Ylvis Videos Added 20/12/13

As promised, here is a roundup of the new Ylvis videos from Tuesday, December 17th to Friday December 20th:

Photoshoot and Interview with the Hollywood Reporter

SOURCE — video from 3-minute mark.
Also, the accompanying interview contains even more questions.

Ylvis shake theirs tails for the photoshoot: WATCH HERE


Another article/interview in USA Today.

And an article in Billboard. The Fox is number one on the New York Times’ Children’s Books Bestseller list!

Questions from the Big Jingle

New Year’s Resolution: WATCH HERE
Most Embarrassing Moment 2013: WATCH HERE
Who Would You Like to See Under the Mistletoe: WATCH HERE
Merry Christmas: WATCH HERE

Vegard Tries to Sell His Car (SUBBED):

Background on this clip is provided by an article in Dagbladet, translated HERE.

Still curious about the car? Watch Karpe Diem help Vegard sell his car.


Norges Herligste

Mustache Man (SUBBED):

Pub Man (SUBBED):

The Shaman (SUBBED):

Kiwi Bob (SUBBED):


Season 1 I kveld med YLVIS Clips From TV Norge:

TV Norge continues to add subtitles to their videos, and to re-upload videos from the now-deleted second channel, which had the Season 1 IKMY clips. I’m updating the videos that are already on the site with the official versions, but here are two that haven’t been subtitled before, featuring our favorite sidekicks.

Calle Interviews Stig Henrik Hoff (SUBBED):

Magnus Conducts Research on Roald Amundsen (SUBBED):

BONUS: Compilation of Bård Doing His Donald Duck Voice:


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