New Ylvis Videos Added 29/12/13

Here is a roundup of the new Ylvis videos from Monday, December 23rd to Sunday December 29th:

Remember how I said there probably wouldn’t be many new videos over the holidays? Well, I was wrong! Pour your beverage of choice and get comfy, there’s a lot to watch!

Ylvis explain the idea behind the “Pressure” music video (SUBBED):

From I kveld med YLVIS Season 2, Episode 17.

The Cream of the Crop (SUBBED):

From I kveld med YLVIS Season 1, Episodes 12 and 14. Visit the video on YouTube for a description.

What Kind of Vagina is That? (SUBBED):

People’s reactions to the “Work It” music video.

Ylvis Accept their Bergenser of the Year Award (NOW SUBBED):

Jan Egeland Live at Grieghallen, December 22, 2012:

Great Angle on Jan Egeland Live at GodKveldKnowIt:

(There was a YouTube video of Stonehenge from the same show, but the user made it private. I found THIS upload of it, but the video freezes for me. Anyone have another version?)

Bård Sings About a Cobra at Øyafestivalen in 2006:


From MTV Canada

Ylvis Read a Bedtime Story:

What do the Christmas Characters Say?


From Ylvis 4

Not subbed, but the two songs are in English.

Ylvis performing “Lost” by Anouk: WATCH HERE
(The sound quality is terrible, but our Ylvis 4 video options are limited, so…)

Pie Jesu:

See HERE for a better quality video of the Pie Jesu act, performed at the Norwegian TV Awards — although this one is funnier apparently. The aerial silks awards show performance on that page is also taken from Ylvis 4.

Things We’ve Written Off as Taxes/Singing The Beatles’ “Yesterday”:

The Dangers of Flying, and Old Photographs:

Not Allowed to Pee in the Night:


From the Oslo Book Signing:

For more videos from the booksigning, see the post from the 21st.

VGTV Report on the Book Signing in Oslo (SUBBED):

Signing Books:

Greeting for the Facebookies:


New Subbed Norges Hergliste:

I’ve also created a separate Nordens Herligste page, and added all the videos available to that page, whether they have subtitles or not.

Livsforlengeren — The Life Extender:

The Street Musician — Gatemusikanten:

Cowboy Man — Cowboymannen:

Ylvis Snowboarding (excerpt from ‘Tommen’ episode):


A Bunch of Random Stuff in Norwegian

Just as a fun reminder of how very HUGE they are 😉
By no means a comprehensive list…
If anyone is interested in translating articles or doing transcripts of radio interviews, let me know! I could start posting them separately?

An article for kids in Aftenposten, translated HERE.

An article in VG: Part 1 | Part 2
(The original is subscription-only.)

A summary of the article by Sjelaine:
“It’s all about the 40-plus person team effort put in to create the Fox song and their show, and starts with their childhood, in particular Christmas in Angola when Bård had to put a pot on his head to go outside to get the presents he left by their pool, because of the falling bullets from people shooting into the air… They credit their mom with pushing Vegard and later Bård to audition for the Fana school theater, saying they would never have set foot on a stage if it wasn’t for her.”

Sjelaine also translated a couple of the photo captions (from Part 1):
The photo of Bård and his Mom:
“IN THE BEGINNING: Bård is reading a book with mom Helga Ylvisåker, who encouraged the brothers to start (performing) at the Fana school theater — where they were later discovered by their first manager.”

The photo of Bård in the leather chair and Vegard looking out the window:
“WAITING: Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker are waiting backstage at the Paul O’Grady show in London, where they will perform “The Fox”. — “Oh, an EC 145! We don’t have those in Norway,” says Vegard when he sees a helicopter out the window. He’s been interested in planes since he was a child, and is a trained (pilot.)”

Not translated:

The article (and video source) about the Bergenser award.

The VG article (and video source) about the Oslo book signing.

Another article about the Oslo book signing, in Bergens Tidende.

An old article from 2010, in Bergens Tidende.

An article in Mann Magazine.

An article in Dagbladet.

Three radio interviews posted by YlvisBabe.


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