New Ylvis Videos Added 03/01/14

Here are the new Ylvis videos for Friday January 3rd:

Norges Herligste

Veteranbilmannen — Veteran Man (SUBBED):

Lirekassedama — The Barrel Organ Lady (SUBBED):

Eremitten — The Hermit (SUBBED):

Solenergimannen — Solar Energy Man (SUBBED):

Norges Herligste Extras (SUBBED):
Clips from people who didn’t make the show.

You Can’t Take Me (Reprise) (SUBBED):

More Vegard singing in the movie “Spirit”.

4 Stjerners middag – Official Version

I’m sure everyone’s seen “Come Binge Drink With Me”, right? But it has now been uploaded by TV Norge, the quality is great, and it never gets old!

Two English radio clips:

I’ve previously added these as links to the original sources, but ylvisbabe has made them in YouTube videos:

The interview with Kyrgizstani media

The interview with NPR (US National Public Radio) about Jan Egeland:


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