New Ylvis Videos Added 07/01/14

Here are the new Ylvis videos for Tuesday January 7th:

Ylvis clips from “A Toast to 2013” (NBC’s New Year’s Eve special) with Kathie Lee and Hoda:
Watch HERE, HERE and HERE.

Norges Herligste — Tegneseriemannen (Comic Book Man) (SUBBED):

The episode in which Vegard is sick (replaces Emma’s lost version).

Question of the Day — Changing a Lightbulb and Setting a Table (SUBBED):

New good quality official version from TVNorge!

From Spirit — the Movie

Vegard sings — not yet subbed.

This Is Where I Belong:

You Can’t Take Me:


One thought on “New Ylvis Videos Added 07/01/14

  1. Do you know any other links to the second 2 of “A Toast to 2013”? It says I need a facebook account to view it.

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