New Ylvis Videos Added 19/01/14

Here are the new Ylvis videos for January 14th-19th:

Spellemann Awards 2013

The Spellemann Awards are a Norwegian music awards show, similar to the Grammy Awards, that aired last night. AND YLVIS WON!! Congrats!!

The Fox Wins “Hit of the Year” at the Spellemann Awards (SUBBED):

Interview on Dagbladet Following Spellemann Awards (SUBBED):

Interview on Se og hør TV Following Spellemann Awards (SUBBED):

See also (Norwegian Only):
Interview and article in NRK
Interview on VGTV
Article in Dagbladet (video subbed above)
Video and article in Aftenbladet
Interview on TV2


Spellemann Awards Kickoff Concert

Ylvis also performed “The Fox” (with a live band!) the previous night at the kickoff concert for the Spellemann Awards. Here are some bits and pieces from instagram.

The Fox (Quite Good Quality): WATCH HERE

The Fox (Not as Good Quality): WATCH HERE


New Official High Quality Subbed Videos from TVNorge

Big in Kirgistan: Full 45 Minute Documentary:

Question of the Day: Calle Decorates a Cake

Calle Makes a Suit:

Ring and Run With a Twist:

Calle Interviews Intimately:


Norges Herligste

The Hurtigruten Man — Hurtigrutemannen:

Troubador Man — Skjærgårdstrubaduren:
Resub in slightly better quality.

The Bicycle Psychiatrist — Sykkelpsykiateren:

The Owl Lady — Ugledama:

The Herring King — Sildakongen:

The License Plate Man — Bilskiltmannen:



A bit more subbed footage from their press conference about the Bergen Concert:

Bård and Vegard compete on Brille (a quiz show on TVNorge) (NOT SUBBED):

Vegard Speaks “Arabic” (NOT SUBBED):
From??? (I don’t think it’s Ylvis 4, but I’m putting it there for now.)

Bård Performing with (his friend and talented Norwegian musician) Sondre Lerche:
He plays guitar and sings towards the end. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this before, but just in case, here it is again 😉

The studio recording of “Rumor Says“: LISTEN HERE
(Fun fact: right at the beginning of their career, someone approached them with the idea of becoming a boyband. They even recorded some demos… which never saw the light of day.)

Vegard is interview by “Oprah” (ENGLISH): LISTEN HERE
In case you missed it in the update. The complete interview on P3morgen (In Norwegian) is HERE.

NOTE: I may have missed some odds and ends. If you find anything, please let me know! I’ll also try to conduct a more thorough search tomorrow.

I’ve also created a new page, “Revenge of the Sidekicks“, where I’ve moved the clips from IKMY of Calle and Magnus doing their special bits (they were in random places they didn’t really belong before).


3 thoughts on “New Ylvis Videos Added 19/01/14

  1. Oooh, so many treasures! Great, you´re back for Ylvis-business!! :))

  2. Yay, the sidekicks deserved that own tab here. Good job! 😀
    Also, welcome back.

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