New Ylvis Videos Added 23/01/14

Here are the new Ylvis videos for Thursday January 23rd:

YLVIS Interviewed by TV2 at the Spellemann Awards Afterparty (SUBBED):

Calle Interviews in Camouflage (SUBBED):

From I kveld med Ylvis Season 1.

Norges Herligste

Energy Lady — Energidama (SUBBED):

Maratonmannen (SUBBED):

The Inventor — Oppfinneren (SUBBED):

Bonus Clip — The Ferry (SUBBED):

As a reminder, all the subbed episodes of Norges Herligste can be viewed in episode order on the Norges Herligste page. By my count, the Facebookies only have 6 more regular episodes (not counting the awards ceremony and any extras) and then they’re DONE. I don’t know what we’ll do without our regular dose of Norges Herligste 😦 Here’s hoping they’ll do Nordens Herligste next!

TVNorge is also now re-uploading the Norges Herligste episodes, and I’ll be updating as they go.


4 thoughts on “New Ylvis Videos Added 23/01/14

  1. Abigail Poirier

    I don’t mind finishing Norges Herligste so much as I mind not seeing new Ylvis every day 😦 Like you said, hope they work on a new project afterwards, Nordens Herligste is fine by me!

    • Yeah you put it better than I did — I don’t mind what they do, so long as it’s something! It’s a long way till next September and (hopefully) new IKMY… though we’ll have lots of stuff to watch from the two concerts, and who knows what else besides… maybe they’ll actually get around to releasing Ylvis 4 on DVD haha. And maybe IKMY too? Internationally, with subtitles?

      • Abigail Poirier

        I’m reallllly hoping we’ll get professional video from the concerts. The powers that be HAVE to know there’s a demand for it! I’d love to watch IKMY with subtitles, but I kind of doubt TVNorge would go to the trouble…of course, I’m still hoping. 🙂 As far as next September goes, TVNorge would be stupid if they didn’t ask Ylvis to do another season, though of course Ylvis could decide not to do it. I don’t think they will, though, the stability of a TV show has to be nice for two family guys, especially now they’ve all moved to Oslo. If all else fails, I’m sure Ylvis will make another song in English at some point, though that could take a while. Must be patient!!

        • Hi Abigail,

          TVNorge will be broadcasting the Oslo concert live, so we’re definitely getting footage. The question is whether there’ll be a live stream available to international viewers. If not, I’m sure one of the Norwegian fans will help us out 😉

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