New Ylvis Videos Added 27/01/14

Here are the new Ylvis videos for Monday January 27th:

Calle tries to open a wine bottle while Vegard watches (Vine video):


Vegard and a bunch of guys jamming to Jan Egeland (Vine video):

YLVIS Interviewed by Bergens Tidende about how “The Fox” almost didn’t get made (SUBBED):


Ylvis interviewed by P3 after The Spellemann Awards (SUBBED):

For those determined to see every bit of Ylvis footage ever recorded, Ylvis were interviewed along with Tay Zonday about “Viral video DNA” on AlJazeera America’s The Stream back in December. The video was removed from The Stream website, but you can still see it in bits and pieces on the Internet Archive… and when I say bits and pieces, I mean bits and pieces. The videos on each page are in order, but the clips are incomplete, so you have to jump between the three pages to see it all. Which I did not — it’s not anything we haven’t heard them say before. Though apparently Vegard breaks into the Harlem shake at some point? Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3


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