Hello Again and New Ylvis Videos Added 01/02/14 to 18/02/14

Hi everyone, and first off, let me apologize for the long, unannounced absence. Work got a bit insane and I had to abandon all distractions cold-turkey or go mad! But I’m happy to say the project is more or less finished, and so the Ylvis video updates will resume more regularly now… though probably not quite daily, since there isn’t much new material at the moment (though the first of the concerts — 9 days to go! — will probably change that.)

With that out of the way, here are the Ylvis in English Video updates for February 1st through February 18th.

A big disclaimer: I haven’t even been anywhere near social media in at least a week, so these are just what I found uploaded on YouTube, plus a few other goodies I’d bookmarked before disappearing. There may be more “underground” videos circulating that I’ve missed. If so, I’ll hopefully come across them as I slowly get back into the swing of things, but if you have any links to contribute, please don’t hesitate to bring them to my attention!

ALSO: several of you have left comments about a YouTube channel that is uploading complete subbed episodes of I kveld med YLVIS Season 1. I am aware of the channel but I am not posting the videos or even linking to them, because trust me, that will just lead to them being taken down even faster. I hesitate to even mention them here, to be honest, but fingers crossed. Also, these are uploads (by someone else) of Emma’s translations, which are available by other means… which I will also not publicly post here, but if you follow this site/the comments or Emma/the fandom on Tumblr closely, you should be able to figure out where to find them 😉

Norges Herligste — Termokontainermannen (Thermal Shipping Container Man) (SUBBED):

I kveld med Ylvis — David’s revenge (SUBBED):

I kveld med Ylvis — Reactions to the wake up pranks (SUBBED):

I kveld med Ylvis — Little white lies (with bonus clip) (SUBBED):

Ylvis on Scandimania (UK TV Show):

Ylvis’ Top 20 Comedy Videos on MTV:

Ylvis Christmas and New Years Greeting to Filip & Fredrik (SUBBED):

Ylvis greet their not-at-all-bitter Swedish counterparts. There’s another video somewhere of Filip and Fredrick talking about The Fox right after it got really big, but I can’t find it right now. Anyone want to link to it in the comments, be my guest!

Ylvis says hello to KKBOX users:

Ylvis Vines:

A handy collection of Ylvis Vines. Thank you to the person who collected these.

Inspirasjonsseminar (VINE): WATCH HERE

A new(ish) Vine video by Bjarte:


Ylvis/TVNorge win “This Year’s Wildcard” at the Social Media Days 2014 Awards:

(Not subbed, and Ylvis don’t make an appearance, but I couldn’t overlook an award!)

Some more O-fag clips that can be appreciated by English speakers:

Something Stupid: LISTEN HERE
Quantum of Solace: LISTEN HERE
Vegard Asks His Mom an Embarassing Question (with explanation): LISTEN/READ HERE

Also, for the Norwegians/those who like to listen to the sound of Bård and Vegard’s voices without understanding a thing, all the O-fag episodes are available HERE. Thanks to Wendy for suggesting I post the link.

Clips from a performance at a private business function:

Stonehenge: WATCH HERE (Original Upload – Sideways)

Bård Parodies Sondre Lerche (NOT SUBBED):

This has been up since forever and I’ve probably posted it before (or maybe not, since it’s not subbed), but anyway, it happened across my radar again so I thought I’d post it.


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