New Ylvis Videos Added 20/02/14

Here are the new Ylvis videos for Thursday, February 20th:

So it seems Ylvis gave yet another mini concert last night! Here are some short clips from it:
(Thanks to Tumblr user whatdoesthisfoxthink for diligently collecting these instagram videos and photos every time there’s a new performance!)

“The Fox”:
“Jan Egeland”:
“The Cabin”:
Norwegian children’s song about a Fox (“Mikkel rev”):

There will also be a (sold out) “sample” concert next Tuesday at the Drammen Theatre. Cameras are forbidden, but we’ll probably get some more clips from that 🙂

“Portuguese” interview at the MTV EMAs (SUBBED): WATCH HERE

Ylvis 2009 Fun Interview on P4 Radiofrokost (TRANSCRIPT):

Lastly, YouTube user Starchaserr is collecting a lot of news interviews on their channel (along with some Raske Menn stuff!). They’re not subbed, but those interested can find them HERE.

(And just in case you’re into more Raske Menn stuff, a list of their subbed and other videos has been compiled HERE.)


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