New Ylvis Videos Added 24/02/14

Here are the new Ylvis videos for Monday, February 20th:

First, Emma has given me the OK to make the links to her subs of IKMY Season 1 (Episodes 1-15 so far!), Ylvis III, Ylvis III with DVD commentary, and episode 1 of O-fag) a bit more public. I’ll be making a separate page for them, but for now HERE is her page with all the download links. Thank you Emma!

Also, Facebookie Sienna Marsh has subbed IKMY Season 3 Episode 16 — available for download HERE (Thank you!)

Tid for Hobby — UNICEF Edition (Pottery):

From I kveld med YLVIS Season 2 Episode 18. Not subbed, but WHO CARES 😀

I kveld med YLVIS — Pajama Men (ENGLISH):

AKA “So sweaty now because of the English”
From IKMY Season 2, Episode 3.

Superboys — At the Dog Park:

From IKMY Season 2, Episode 13.

Tonight with Tony Totino (ENGLISH):

DVD Extra from YLVIS III!

Norges Herligste — Juger’n (The Liar) (SUBBED):

Three more left!!! 😥

Flower Decorations and Talking About Ylvis 4:

Compilation of Closing Credits from I kveld med YLVIS Season 1:

Extras from the Jimmy Fallon Appearance:


Baby Brother Bjarte with Bård and Vegard Singing (VINE):


Bjarte Hoohooohoo (VINE):

NB: I’ve avoided uploaded video of Bjarte till now since he hadn’t chosen to be in the spotlight professionally etc., but I think it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t mind, and seems to enjoy interacting with the fam/sharing videos with them (and he’s adorable too!), so here ya go!

Ylvis “Script Meeting” — aka Ylvis Laugh at Work (INSTAGRAM):


Better Quality Video of the 2009 interview on German Talk Show TVT:


O-fag — Bård sings ‘Ugly baby’:


How to Pronounce Ylvis:


Also a reminder that YouTube user Starchaserr is continuing to upload interviews (Norwegian only, but HERE is a quick translation of one of them), while HallowSeeker is doing radio interviews. And while I’m mentioning YouTube channels with Norsk-only Ylvis content, I might as well link to YlvisAtere, whose channel is really old (most of you have probably seen it already) but it has a ton of Hvem kan slå Ylvis (Who Can Beat Ylvis) and a few old interviews as well.


2 thoughts on “New Ylvis Videos Added 24/02/14

  1. Omg, I’m the user who requested the “How to Pronounce Ylvis” video, proof is under the video “How to Pronounce Emily Ratajkowski”, I’m lylajean100 x) I feel famous today x)

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