Clever Pranks

Saving Private Vegard (SUBBED):

Operation Farm (SUBBED):


Vegards Pretends to be Dutch (SUBBED):

Speed Date in Holland (SUBBED):

Wild at IKEA (SUBBED):

Lost in IKEA:

Intelligent Hifi System (SUBBED):


4 thoughts on “Clever Pranks

  1. Nothing to say… But I love you, you are lovely fannnnnnnnnnnn :*

  2. Why does it say it’s got subtitles on some videos when there’s not? :/

    • Some of the subtitles are printed directly on the video, others are added via YouTube and need to be turned on via the captions button (to the left of the settings cog). However if you do have captions on and aren’t seeing subtitles, could you let me know please which videos you’re talking about? I do my best to keep them up to date but since some were deleted I temporarily replaced them with the unsubbed versions until they’re re-uploaded. I think I have marked them as NOT SUBBED where this is the case, but I may have missed some.

      However, on this specific page that you are commenting on, I can assure you that all the videos do have subtitles.

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