Clips from the Studio Seasons 1/2

Talking African English with Madcon (SUBBED):

Hands in Ice Water (SUBBED):

Sorry, dear Oslo (Song) (SUBBED):

The Cream of the Crop (SUBBED):

Vegard Sings “You Raise Me Up” to Norwegian Prime Minister:

Calle Wakes Bård (SUBBED):

A Little Fetus (SUBBED):

Did they get Big in Kyrgyzstan? (SUBBED):

Eating Expired Canned Food (SUBBED):

Calling a Swedish “Correspondent”:

Tuttilurium Lej (Song):

Quiz for Singer Tone Damli Aaberge (SUBBED):

Singing with Kurt Nilsen (SUBBED):

What Kind of Vagina is That? (SUBBED):

People’s reactions to the “Work It” music video.

Party for the first season finale:



Intro to Season 2:

The idea behind the “Pressure” music video:

Vegard Tries to Sell His Car (SUBBED):

Background on this clip is provided by an article in Dagbladet, translated HERE.

Karpe Diem help Vegard sell his car (SUBBED):

Ylvis. With Kittens:

How to Put on a Swimming Cap (SUBBED):

Ylvis talks to Jan Egeland (SUBBED):

Vegard Gets His Senkveld Tattoo (NOT SUBBED):


Talking English:

Tobias Song and the Sex Tape Question (SUBBED):

Fun Fact Bonanza (Improvised Song):

Bård Freaks Out Over Pizza (SUBBED):

Bård Does a Letterman Impression (SUBBED):

Gifts from Magnus (SUBBED):

David’s revenge (SUBBED):

Reactions to the Wake Up Pranks (SUBBED):

Little white lies (with bonus clip) (SUBBED):

Includes a bit from Season 3 as well

Pajama Men (So sweaty now because of the English):

From 2012 UNICEF Special — Interview with Didrik Solli-Tangen (SUBBED):


BONUS – Making of the Season 2 Intro (SUBBED):

Best of Season 2 (NOT SUBBED):


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