General Interviews & Appearances

More From Press Conference about Bergen Concert May 16th (SUBBED):

Ylvis Press Conference about Bergen Concert May 16th (SUBBED):

Ylvis Accept their Bergenser of the Year Award (SUBBED):

Interview at their Offices (SUBBED):

Vegard’s Interview with “Oprah” on P3morgen (ENGLISH):

Complete unsubbed interview HERE.

Ylvis on Senkveld 2013 Part 1 HD (Main Interview) (SUBBED):

Ylvis on Senkveld 2013 Part 1 (Main Interview) (SUBBED):

The original O-fag “Tip of the Willy” song they refer to can be heard HERE.

Ylvis on Senkveld 2013 Part 2 (Competition) (SUBBED):

Ylvis on Senkveld 2013 Part 3 (Espen Lind and Tattoo) (SUBBED):

Vegard on the Tørnquist show (SUBBED):

Bård on the Tørnquist show (SUBBED):

Calle on the Tørnquist show (SUBBED):

Vegard on Brille 2013 (SUBBED):

Ylvis at Lindmo on NRK 2013 (SUBBED/ENGLISH):

Contains the clip of Ylvis singing backwards, but also some good questions, and Vegard geeks out about a lawn mower.
Watch the original backwards song performance here!

Ylvis & Calle on Sommertid TV2 2013 (SUBBED):

Ylvis is Flying (Interview from February 2013) (SUBBED):

Telephone Interview with Vegard about Janym May 2013 (ENGLISH):


A fan interviews Vegard (TRANSCRIPT):

Guests on Fin Fredag (SUBBED):

Ylvis Make Prank Calls on Fin Fredag (SUBBED):

Vegard and his wife Helene on the red carpet 2012 (SUBBED):

Interview on Sommeråpent (SUBBED):

Vegard Gets His Eyebrows Threaded on Sommertid 2012 (SUBBED):

Ylvis on Robin Svarar – Sweden vs Norway 2012 (SUBBED):

Drum-off 2012:

Radio Interview on NPR (US National Public Radio) About Jan Egeland October 2012 (ENGLISH):


Charmbombs – Ylvis 4 Interview 2011 (SUBBED):

Breakfast Interview With Ylvis (SUBBED):

Flower Decorations and Talking About Ylvis 4:

Ylvis in the news 2011 (Ylvis 4 Premiere) (SUBBED):

Bård at “Roast” 2011 (SUBBED):

Ylvis on Show Man Singing on Chatroulette 2010 (Mostly English):

Ylvis Get Punked 2010 (SUBBED):

Ylvis on TVT (German Talk Show) 2009 (mostly English):



Singing “Dry Ice” (Drei Eins) (Clip From TVtotal Appearance):

As a couple of people have pointed out, they are not actually singing “Dry Ice”. “Drei Drei Eins” translates as 3-3-1 — the number for a German sex hotline. That’s right, the song they choose to sing to demonstrate their German is from an old advert for a sex hotline: “0-190 3-3-1 3-3-1. Only 81 Pfennig – and you´re in! 3-3-1 3-3-1 – call now!” Thanks to Kat De Leeuw for the translation!

Hearing-Impaired Duel on Senkveld 2009 (SUBBED):

Interview on Grosvold about Ylvis møter veggen 2008 (SUBBED):

Mini Interview After Ylvis møter veggen Premiere 2008 (SUBBED):

Partytriks on Hjelpekorpset TV2 (SUBBED):

Interview on Grosvold about Norges Herligste 2007 (SUBBED):

Interview About Premiere of Ylvis III in Drammen (SUBBED):


Interview in Pinguish (Fake Language):

Ylvis Sings Improvised Songs on Senkveld (NOT SUBBED):


Ylvis Improvising Songs Compilation (SUBBED):

Interview with Student Journalists 2003:

Ylvis on Senkveld 2002 (SUBBED):

First and Last with Skavlan 2002 (SUBBED):


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