Master List

A master list of all the videos embedded on the site.

Videos that I consider the funniest or most notable have been marked with an asterisk*. Of course this is only my opinion, but if you’re just beginning to get into Ylvis, you might want to start with these. I promise that by the time you’ve seen them, you’ll be as obsessed as the rest of us!

Music Videos

*Massachusetts (RATED M):
*Stonehenge (RATED M):
*Jan Egeland (RATED M):
*The Cabin:
The Fox (What Does the Fox Say):
*Someone Like Me:
*La det på is (I Put it on Ice) (SUBBED):
La det på is (OFFICIAL):
*Jeg heter Finn (My Name is Finn) (SUBBED): REMOVED DUE TO COPYRIGHT CLAIM
Janym (SUBBED):
Janym (Жаным) (OFFICIAL):
Work It:
Da vet du at det er Jul (SUBBED):
Learn the “My Name is Finn” Dance:


I Kveld med Ylvis

The Intelevator

*The Intelevator #1 (SUBBED):
*The Intelevator #2 (SUBBED):
*The Intelevator #3 (SUBBED):
*The Intelevator #4 (SUBBED):


Voice Activated ATM

*Voice Activated ATM #1 (SUBBED):
*Voice Activated ATM #2 (SUBBED):
Voice Activated ATM – UNICEF Edition (SUBBED):


Radio Taxi

Radio Taxi 1 (SUBBED):
Radio Taxi #2 (SUBBED):
*Radio Taxi #3 (SUBBED):


Time for Hobbies

#1 Geneology and Tattoos (SUBBED):
*#2 Camping (SUBBED):
*#3 Stencils and Flaring (SUBBED):
UNICEF Edition (Pottery):


Question of the Day

Calle plays the drums (SUBBED): /
Calle decorates a cake (SUBBED):
Calle repots a plant (SUBBED):
Calle decorates a Christmas tree (SUBBED):
Vegard changes a lightbulb/decorates a table (SUBBED):
Vegard Fixes a Monitor/Tiles a Wall (SUBBED):
Vegard conducts a choir (SUBBED):


Who Wants It?

*Episode 1 (SUBBED):
*Episode 2 (SUBBED):
*Episode 3 (SUBBED):
*Episode 4 (SUBBED):
*Episode 5 (SUBBED):
*Episode 6 (SUBBED):
*Episode 7 (SUBBED):
*Episode 8 (SUBBED):
*Episode 9 (SUBBED):
*Episode 10 (SUBBED):


Clever Pranks

*Saving Private Vegard (SUBBED):
*Operation Farm (SUBBED): /
*Vegards Pretends to be Dutch (SUBBED):
Speed Date in Holland (SUBBED):
Wild at IKEA (SUBBED):
Lost at IKEA (SUBBED):
Intelligent Hifi System (SUBBED):


Vegard Impersonates

George Clooney:
Josh Groban:
BONUS! Vegard and Josh Groban meet at last:–uPFpYwWM8
TVNorge Version:


Silly Pranks

*David Wakes Vegard:
*David Wakes Bård (SUBBED):
Vegard and Bård Wake David (SUBBED):
Think Fast! (SUBBED):
Who Doesn’t Wash Their Hands? (SUBBED):
Honking at People (SUBBED):
Electric Car with Loud Horn (SUBBED):
The Sound of the Norwegian Mountains:
Toot at Home (SUBBED):
Ring and Run #1 (SUBBED):
Ring and Run #2 (SUBBED): /
Halloween Prank (SUBBED):


Pranks in Småland

Water (SUBBED):
Stilts (SUBBED):
Cans (SUBBED):
Horn (SUBBED):
Styrofoam (SUBBED): /
With Odd Nordstoga (SUBBED): /


Kicking People

In Oslo:
In Drøbak:
In Paris:
In London:


Singing for People

Singing for People at the Hairdresser (SUBBED):
Singing for Drunk People (SUBBED):



At the Store:
In Traffic:
In the Toilet:
At the Dog Park:
Superboys FAIL:


Calle Pokes and Flashes

Calle Pokes #1:
Calle Pokes #2:
Calle Pokes #3:

Calle Flashes #1:
Calle Flashes #2:


Calle Takes a Bath

In a hotel lobby:
In an aquarium:
At a farm: /
With penguins:
In a store:
At an open house:


Can this be used as water skis?

Flower boxes (SUBBED):
Guitars (SUBBED):
Flatscreen TV (SUBBED):
Teenagers (SUBBED): /


Revenge of the Sidekicks

Magnus presents the Weekly Prize (Facebook) (SUBBED):
Calle drives to McDonald’s (SUBBED): /
Magnus’ Blind Test (SUBBED):
Calle Reports From NYC (SUBBED):
Parking à la Magnus (SUBBED): /
Magnus Makes a Bed (SUBBED):
Magnus and Calle Talk Loudly (SUBBED):
Calle Presents Air Horn Classics (SUBBED):
Magnus Gathers Sponsors at the EMAs (SUBBED):
Calle Saves the Day (SUBBED):
Calle Interviews Stig Henrik Hoff (SUBBED):
Magnus Conducts Research on Roald Amundsen (SUBBED):
Calle Interviews Intimately (SUBBED):
Calle Interview in Camouflage (SUBBED):
Calle Makes a Suit (SUBBED):



Episode 1 – The Microwave:
Episode 2 – The Blender:
Episode 3 – The Drying rack:
Episode 4 – The Bottles:
Episode 5 – The Refrigerator:


Two Men in One Suit

*Two Men One Suit #1 (SUBBED):
Two Men One Suit #2 (SUBBED): /
Two Men One Survival Suit (SUBBED):


Come Dine with Me

*Parts 1 and 2 (SUBBED):
*Extra Footage (SUBBED):



*Episode 1 (SUBBED):
*Episode 2 (SUBBED):
*Episode 3 (SUBBED):
*Episode 4 (SUBBED):
*Episode 5 (SUBBED):
*Episode 6 (SUBBED): /
*Episode 7 (SUBBED): /
*Episode 8 (SUBBED): /


Big in Kyrgyztan

Full 45 Minute Documentary:
*Episode 1 (SUBBED):
*Episode 2 (SUBBED):
*Episode 3 (SUBBED):
*Episode 4 (SUBBED):
*Episode 5 (SUBBED):
*Episode 6 (SUBBED):
*Episode 7 (SUBBED):


The Hunt for a Danseband Hit (SUBBED)

Parts 1 & 2:



Report from Averøya (SUBBED):
Sammen finner vi frem (Averøya Song) (SUBBED):
Unveiling of the Averøya sign (SUBBED): /


Fake Trailers

*Jaques et Florine:
The Sixties:
Maximum Gardening:
BONUS – The Sixties, Deleted Scenes and Bloopers:


Clips from the Studio Season 1/2

*Talking African English with Madcon (SUBBED):
*Hands in Ice Water (SUBBED):
Sorry, dear Oslo (Song) (SUBBED):
The Cream of the Crop (SUBBED):
Vegard Sings “You Raise Me Up” to Norwegian Primeminister:
Calle Wakes Bård (SUBBED):
A Little Fetus (SUBBED):
Did they get Big in Kyrgyzstan? (SUBBED):
Eating Expired Canned Food (SUBBED):
Calling a Swedish “Correspondent”:
Tuttilurium Lej (Song):
Quiz for Singer Tone Damli Aaberge (SUBBED):
Singing with Kurt Nilsen (SUBBED):
What Kind of Vagina is That? (SUBBED):
*End of first season:
Intro to Season 2:
The idea behind the “Pressure” music video:
Vegard Tries to Sell His Car (SUBBED):
Karpe Diem help Vegard sell his car (SUBBED):
Ylvis with Kittens:
How to Put on a Swimming Cap (SUBBED):
Ylvis talks to Jan Egeland (SUBBED):
Talking English:
Tobias Song and the Sex Tape Question (SUBBED):
Fun Fact Bonanza (Improvised Song):
Bård Freaks Out Over Pizza (SUBBED):
Bård Does a Letterman Impression (SUBBED):
Gifts from Magnus (SUBBED):
David’s revenge (SUBBED):
Reactions to the Wake Up Pranks (SUBBED):
Little White Lies (SUBBED):
Pajama Men (So sweaty now because of the English):
Interview with Didrik Solli-Tangen (SUBBED):

BONUS – Making of the Season 2 Intro (SUBBED):


Clips from the Studio Season 3

Intro to Season 3 (Bård and Vegard are arrested):
Ylvis spotlights YouTube Covers/Parodies of “The Fox” (SUBBED):
14 Million Might be Wrong (SUBBED):
*Fuck You (SUBBED):
We Got it on Tape (SUBBED):
Ylvis discusses their “The Fox” trip to Las Vegas (SUBBED):
*Hot Dog Machine (SUBBED):
*Buddy Kiss (SUBBED):
*Bård Fesses Up to His Mom (SUBBED):
Steven van Zandt (Sopranos):
Whipped Cream (SUBBED):
Football Quiz for Comedy Artists (SUBBED):
The Audience Scares Ylvis (SUBBED):
Virtual Reality (NOT SUBBED):
Ylvis discusses their “The Fox” trip to New York (SUBBED):
Hasse Hope Gets Punished (SUBBED):
*The Gene Test (SUBBED):
Magnus and Vegard make decanters (SUBBED):
Author Knut Nærum Reads… With Balloons (SUBBED):
Intro to Massachusetts episode (SUBBED):
Massachusetts mention, and Magnus ponders the universe (SUBBED):
Does Calle Have to Leave? (SUBBED):
Thomas Dybdahl, the Party Button and Hat Quiz (SUBBED):
Judges’ Wigs with Siri Kristiansen & Massachusetts Intro (SUBBED):
Calle “Where Are They Now?” (SUBBED):
Guest Maria Mena, “Afterski” (SUBBED): /
Guest Bertolt Meyer (App controlled Robot hand) (English):
Intro in Which Vegard Gets Stuck in his Chair (SUBBED):
Intro in which Calle’s hairdo for UNICEF is announced (SUBBED):
Calle’s Quotation Mark 2000 (SUBBED):
I kveld med Calle (SUBBED):
Calle Gets a Bowl Cut (SUBBED):
Vegard Kisses for UNICEF (SUBBED):

BONUS: Behind the scenes at the UNICEF special:


Musical Intros

Rhythm is a Dancer:
Mr Vain:
Halloween Intro:
No Limits:
Boom Boom Boom:
Oops I Did it Again:
Coco Jamboo:
What is Love:
Barbie Girl:
Be My Lover:
I’m Blue:
We’re Going to Ibiza:
The Band Switches With Ylvis:
Compilation from Seasons 1 & 2 – Part 1:
Compilation from Seasons 1 & 2 – Part 2:
Compilation from Seasons 1 & 2 – Part 3:
Compilation from Seasons 1 & 2 – Part 4:
Closing Credits Compilation From Season 1:


Norges and Nordens Herligste

Norges Herligste


*The Naturist Woman — Naturistkvinnen (SUBBED) (RATED M?):
The Thai Man — Thaimannen (SUBBED):
Du-Du-Deli-Dude — Du-deli-du-duden (SUBBED):
The Shaman — Sjamanen (SUBBED):
*The Tights Man — Tightsmannen (SUBBED) (RATED M?):

*The Nail Mat Man — Spikermattemannen (SUBBED):
Ma Pantha Anjana (SUBBED):
Frekkismannen: N/A
The Stall Holder — Torghandleren (SUBBED):
National Anthem Man — Nasjonalsangmannen (SUBBED):

The Pen Collector — Pennesamleren (SUBBED):–b0vAatA
The Blueberry King — Blåbærkongen (SUBBED): / (HD)
Art Ranger (SUBBED):
The Role Playing Man — Rollespillmannen (SUBBED): / (HD)
Kiwi Bob (SUBBED):

The Boxer Shorts Man — Boxershortsmannen (SUBBED):
The Puppet Man — Dukketeatermannen (SUBBED):
The Vocal Coach — Stemmepedagogen (SUBBED):
*Big Boy (SUBBED) (RATED M): / (HD)
The Life Extender — Livsforlengeren (SUBBED):

The Emergency Photographer — Ulykkesfotografen (SUBBED):
The Infinity Machine — Evighetsmaskinmannen (SUBBED):
Mustache Man — Mustasjemannen (SUBBED):
Pub Man — Pubmannen (SUBBED):
The Liar — Juger’n (SUBBED):

The Hurtigruten Man — Hurtigrutemannen (SUBBED):
The Scrap Handler — Skrothandleren (SUBBED):
The Herring King — Sildakongen (SUBBED):
The Inventor — Oppfinneren (SUBBED):

Tommen (SUBBED):
Marathon Man — Maratonmannen: (SUBBED):
License Plate Man — Bilskiltmannen (SUBBED):
Freak Show Lady — Freakshowdama (SUBBED):
Solar Energy Man — Solenergimannen (SUBBED):

The Hermit — Eremitten (SUBBED):
The Fifties Man — Femtitallsmannen (SUBBED):
The Train Man — Togmannen (SUBBED):
Saueklippemannen: N/A
The Energy Lady — Energidama (SUBBED):

The Barrel Organ Lady — Lirekassedama (SUBBED):
Veteran Man — Veteranbilmannen (SUBBED):
Termokontainermannen — Thermal Shipping Container Man (SUBBED):
Togteatermannen: N/A
The Bicycle Psychiatrist — Sykkelpsykiateren (SUBBED):

Ugledama (SUBBED):
Comic Book Man — Tegneseriemannen (SUBBED):
Cowboy Man — Cowboymannen (SUBBED):
The Alarm Clock Man — Urmannen (SUBBED):
Ufomannen (SUBBED):
Bonus Clip — The Ferry (SUBBED):

Trailerlydmannen (SUBBED):
Erotic Man — Erotikkmannen (SUBBED):
*The Rock Paper Scissors Man — Stein, saks, papirmannen (SUBBED):
The Street Musician — Gatemusikanten (SUBBED):
The Archipelago Troubadour — Skjærgårdstrubaduren (SUBBED):
The Tuesday Club Man — Tirsdagsklubbmannen (SUBBED):

Circus Man — Sirkusmannen (SUBBED):
Plane Spotting Man — Planespotteren (SUBBED):
Buck Callahand (SUBBED):
DJ Bakkeslett (SUBBED):

Norges Herligste Extras (SUBBED):
“Deleted” Episode – UNICEF Special (SUBBED):

Laughing Compilation:


Nordens Herligste

Hannibal Hildorf (SUBBED):
James Bond mannen Part 1:
James Bond mannen Part 2:
Oppfinneren AND Prontosaurusmannen:
Jodlemannen (bad quality):
Vannpistolmannen (no sound):
Nakenbøymannen (bad quality):
Velkomst Avskjed:
Finale: /

Bloopers (SUBBED):
Crew of Nordens Herligste:
Promo 1:
Promo 2 (SUBBED):
Promo 3:
Promo 4:



YLVIS 4 (Variety Show)

Bongo Party (SUBBED):
Ylvis performing “Lost” by Anouk: WATCH HERE
Pie Jesu:
Things We’ve Written Off as Taxes/Singing The Beatles’ “Yesterday” (NOT SUBBED):
The Dangers of Flying, and Old Photographs (NOT SUBBED):
Not Allowed to Pee in the Night (NOT SUBBED):
Vegard Speaks “Arabic” (NOT SUBBED):


YLVIS III (Variety Show)

Intro (SUBBED):
Peer Gynt (SUBBED):
Sondre Lerche (SUBBED):
Spiderman Song:
What Can I Give You (SUBBED):
Computer Trouble (SUBBED):
The Pingu Show:
Ylvis sells an iPod (SUBBED):
Gangsta Babies:
The Band is Abducted by Cowards (SUBBED):
I Can Be a Hero:
Kung Fu:
James Brown Medley:
The Complete Show (great quality – NOT SUBBED):
Tonight with Tony Totino (DVD Extra) (ENGLISH):


Award Show Performances

Unexpected aerial silk performance at 2011 comedy awards:
Pie Jesu at Gullruten 2011 (RATED M):
Janym at Gullruten 2013:



Stonehenge Live at GodkveldKnowit: WATCH HERE or HERE.
Jan Egeland Live at GodkveldKnowit: WATCH HERE
Jan Egeland Live:
Jan Egeland Live at Grieghallen, December 22, 2012:
Janym Live:
Bård Sings About a Cobra at Øyafestivalen in 2006:
Stonehenge Live at HD Viking Stadium:


O-fag (Radio Show):

Comeback: (SUBBED):
Booking a London Hotel:
If Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer Had a Baby (English Lyrics):
Ytterst på tissen (Tip of the Penis):
The Oil Nation Norway Rap:
My Fish is Your Fish:
Beatboxing master Bård Ylvisåker:
World’s Most Popular Fruit:
About the “Spirit” Movie:
Bård sings a Norwegian translation of “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaaks:


Hvem kan slå Ylvis? (Who Can Beat Ylvis?) (Gameshow)

Episode 3, Task 2 (SUBBED):
Episode 4, Task 12 (SUBBED):
Episode 4, Task 14 (SUBBED):
Chopping Wood (SUBBED):
Behind the Scenes of “Who Can Beat Ylvis?” (SUBBED):


Ylvis møter veggen (Gameshow)

How many sexual partners has Vegard had (SUBBED):
Vegard shoots Bård with an air rifle (SUBBED):
Vegard is guided through blind:
Bård is guided through blind:
Vegard gets a dunking:
Bård and some guy leave Charlotte stuck:
Bård and Charlotte get a dunking:


Pilots and Promos

Commercial for Concert at the Oslo Spektrum:

I kveld med YLVIS Season 3 Promo #1:
I kveld med YLVIS Season 3 Promo #2:
I kveld med YLVIS Season 3 Promo #3:
I kveld med YLVIS Season 3 Promo #4:
I kveld med YLVIS Season 3 Promo #5:
I kveld med YLVIS Season 3 Promo #6:
I kveld med YLVIS Season 3 Promo #7:
I kveld med YLVIS Season 3 Promo #8 (SUBBED):

I kveld med YLVIS Pilots (NOT SUBBED):
First Pilot – Part 1
First Pilot – Part 2
First Pilot – Part 3
Second Pilot

Work It — Pilot Version:

Pilot #1 (SUBBED):

Ylvis 4 TV promo (SUBBED):


Old Clips

Kjempeform song (SUBBED):
The Start (SUBBED):
Ylvis Sings Backwards (The Original) (SUBBED):
“Infusical” on Boating Safety Rules (SUBBED):
Nations of the World:
Nations of the World on ‘Beat for Beat’:
He Snaps With His Left (SUBBED):
Rumor Says (Boyband Parody):
Ylvis sing in many languages:
Sonho Meu (Portuguese song):
Gingerbread Baking Song (Black Metal):
Funny Sunglasses (NOT SUBBED):
New Girlfriend Meets the Family (NOT SUBBED):
Ylvis Parodies Singing Competition (SUBBED):
Farting ’till You Die — Ylvis Parody Kaizer’s Orchestra (NOT SUBBED):
Vandalism Campaign 2002 (NOT SUBBED):
Various Old Clips (NOT SUBBED):


Vegard Sings in Spirit (Movie)

Here I Am (SUBBED):
I Will Always Return (SUBBED):
Sound The Bugle (SUBBED):
Get Off My Back (SUBBED):
This Is Where I Belong:
You Can’t Take Me:
You Can’t Take Me (Reprise) (SUBBED):


Interviews, etc.

General Interviews

More Footage from Press Conference about Bergen Concert May 16th (SUBBED):
Ylvis Press Conference about Bergen Concert May 16th (SUBBED):
Ylvis Accept their Bergenser of the Year Award (SUBBED):
Interview at Their Offices (SUBBED):
Vegard’s Interview with “Oprah” on P3morgen (ENGLISH): LISTEN HERE / Complete unsubbed HERE.
Ylvis on Senkveld 2013 Part 1 HD (Main Interview) (SUBBED):
Ylvis on Senkveld 2013 Part 1 (Main Interview) (SUBBED):
Ylvis on Senkveld 2013 Part 2 (Competition) (SUBBED):
Ylvis on Senkveld 2013 Part 3 (Espen Lind and Tattoo) (SUBBED):
Vegard on the Tørnquist show (SUBBED):
Calle on the Tørnquist show (SUBBED):
Bård on the Tørnquist show (SUBBED):
Vegard on Brille 2013 (SUBBED):
Ylvis at Lindmo on NRK 2013 (SUBBED/ENGLISH):
Ylvis & Calle on Sommertid TV2 2013 (SUBBED):
Ylvis is Flying (Interview from February 2013) (SUBBED):
Telephone Interview with Vegard about Janym May 2013 (ENGLISH):
A fan interviews Vegard (TRANSCRIPT):
Guests on Fin Fredag (SUBBED):
Ylvis Make Prank Calls on Fin Fredag (SUBBED):
Vegard and his wife Helene on the red carpet 2012 (SUBBED):
Interview on Sommeråpent (SUBBED):
Vegard Gets His Eyebrows Threaded on Sommertid 2012 (SUBBED):
Ylvis on Robin Svarar – Sweden vs Norway 2012 (SUBBED):
Drum-off 2012:
Radio Interview on NPR About Jan Egeland October 2012 (ENGLISH):
Charmbombs – Ylvis 4 Interview 2011 (SUBBED):
Breakfast Interview With Ylvis (SUBBED):
Flower Decorations and Talking About Ylvis 4:
Ylvis in the news 2011 (Ylvis 4 Premiere) (SUBBED):
Bård at “Roast” 2011 (SUBBED):
Ylvis on Show Man Singing on Chatroulette 2010 (Mostly English):
Ylvis Get Punked 2010 (SUBBED):
Ylvis on TVT (German Talk Show) 2009 (Mostly English):
Singing “Dry Ice” (Drei Eins) (Clip From TVT Appearance):
Hearing-Impaired Duel on Senkveld 2009 (SUBBED):
Interview on Grosvold about Ylvis møter veggen 2008 (SUBBED):
Mini Interview After Ylvis møter veggen Premiere 2008 (SUBBED):
Partytriks on Hjelpekorpset TV2 (SUBBED):
Interview on Grosvold about Norges Herligste 2007 (SUBBED):
Interview About Premiere of Ylvis III in Drammen (SUBBED):
Interview in Pinguish (Fake Language):
Ylvis Sings Improvised Songs on Senkveld (NOT SUBBED): (SUBBED REMOVED DUE TO COPYRIGHT CLAIM)
Ylvis Improvising Songs Compilation (SUBBED):
Interview with Student Journalists 2003:
Ylvis on Senkveld 2002 (SUBBED):
First and Last with Skavlan 2002 (SUBBED):


Fox-Related Interviews and Appearances

Ylvis on Scandimania (UK TV Show):
Ylvis’ Top 20 Comedy Videos on MTV:
Ylvis interviewed on VGTV after the Spellemann Awards (SUBBED):
YLVIS Interviewed by Bergens Tidende about how “The Fox” almost didn’t get made (SUBBED):
Ylvis interviewed by P3 after The Spellemann Awards (SUBBED):
YLVIS Interviewed by TV2 at the Spellemann Awards Afterparty (SUBBED):
The Fox Wins “Hit of the Year” at the Spellemann Awards (SUBBED):
Interview on Dagbladet Following Spellemann Awards (SUBBED):
Interview on Se og hør TV Following Spellemann Awards (SUBBED):
The Fox at Spellemann Awards Kickoff Concert: WATCH HERE
Interview on BBC World News:
Ylvis on “A Toast to 2013” (NBC’s New Year’s Eve special) with Kathie Lee and Hoda: Watch HERE, HERE and HERE
VGTV Report on the Oslo Book Signing (SUBBED):
Photoshoot and Interview with the Hollywood Reporter:
TV2 Interview at LA Book Signing (SUBBED):
Interview on VGTV at NY Book Signing (SUBBED):
Interview on Sirius XM Radio in New York:
Interview on ABC News:
Interview on Kelly and Michael:
Performance on Kelly and Michael:
On “The Today Show”, talking about the ‘The Fox’ book:
MTV Canada — Ylvis Read a Bedtime Story:
MTV Canada — What do the Christmas Characters Say:
Big Jingle Questions — New Year’s Resolution: WATCH HERE
Big Jingle Questions — Most Embarrassing Moment 2013: WATCH HERE
Big Jingle Questions — Who Would You Like to See Under the Mistletoe: WATCH HERE
Big Jingle Questions — Merry Christmas: WATCH HERE
‘The Fox’ Performance at Much Music’s ‘The Big Jingle’:
Fancam of the Performance at ‘The Big Jingle’:
Backstage Cam at Much Music’s ‘The Big Jingle’:
Ylvis Interview on the Roz and Mocha Show (Toronto Radio Station):
Ylvis Interview with 680 News (Toronto Radio Station):
Ylvis perform “The Fox” on Dancing With the Stars:
A better quality version of the Dancing With the Stars performance, with a few seconds off the end cut off, can be found HERE
NRK Report and Interview on Ylvis’ MAMA Win (SUBBED):
Ylvis Receiving Their Award for “International Favorite Artist”: WATCH HERE
Ylvis Performing The Fox at the MAMAs:
Ylvis Dancing to “Bar, Bar, Bar” with Crayon Pop at the MAMAs:
Fan Cam Footage of Ylvis at the MAMAs: / / /
Ylvis on the Red Carpet at the MAMAs: WATCH HERE
Being Adorable and Doing the “Bar, Bar, Bar” Dance for Reporters (Mostly English):
Extended Footage from Hong Kong Press Conference:
Interview and report with Dagblaget in Hong Kong (SUBBED):
Interview with VG in Hong Kong (NOT SUBBED): WATCH HERE
NRK Interview and Report (SUBBED):
Ylvis on MAMA’s Vine:
Ylvis Choose Their Favourite Parody Of The Fox:
Viral Fox video turned into children’s book:
Ylvis on CCTV News:
Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis on cult hit ‘The Fox’:
‘The Fox’ creators Ylvis not yet satisfied:
Ylvis of What Does The Fox Say? fame having a right laugh: Vegard and Bård play a funny animal noises game with Heat
Ylvis on BFBS: Nice radio interview
Ylvis outburst at DJ Neil Fox:
Ylvis performance/interview on the Paul O’Grady show:
Ylvis interview on BBC Radio 1 (with Scott Mills):
Ylvis performance on BBC’s Children in Need:
Video interview with The Telegraph: WATCH HERE
Ylvis Interview on the Red Carpet at the EMAs (NOT SUBBED):
Ylvis Backstage Interview at the EMAs:
Katy Perry Loves Ylvis:
Ylvis discusses close encounter with Miley Backstage (NOT SUBBED): WATCH
Interview about their success in the USA on Se&HørTV (SUBBED):
Morgan Freeman Reads The Fox by Ylvis:
Fox Sounds You Haven’t Heard Before:
MTV Interview: WATCH
Access Hollywood Interview:
Sydney Morning Herald Report:
Today Show Chat:
Today Show with Hoda and Kathy:
Today Show Performance:
Today Show:
Ylvis Performs on Jimmy Fallon:
Jimmy Fallon Introducing Ylvis:
Even More From Jimmy Fallon: WATCH HERE
Norwegian TV Interview in NY (SUBBED):
VGTV Interview in NY (SUBBED):
Interview after return from LA (SUBBED):
Ylvis on God Kveld Norge (SUBBED):
NRK Interview (SUBBED):
Interview in LA (SUBBED):
With Sting on Skavlan:
iHeartRadio “The Fox” Performance:
iHeartRadio Q&A:
iHeartRadio red carpet:
Ylvis on Ellen:
Ylvis and Ellen Scare People:
Ylvis on Ellen Promo:
The Ylvis Stargate Mockumentary: