Music Videos

What to say about Ylvis’s music videos, besides watch them. All.

The videos are from the late-night talk show I kveld med YLVIS, but I thought they deserved their own special category. For the ones that aren’t in English, I’ve included both the subtitled and official versions. If you’re just listening and not reading the lyrics, try to watch the official version (more official views = good for Ylvis!).



The newest video from Ylvis, just released! The Ylvisåker brothers, joined by Calle, enthuse about the state of Massachusetts. And don’t get sidetracked. At all.
NOTE: Contains language some may find offensive.



It’s as epic and timeless as Stonehenge.
NOTE: Contains language some may find offensive.


Jan Egeland

The vocals! About a “real life superhero“.
NOTE: Contains language some may find offensive. For an explanation of Norwegian attitudes to homosexuality, see the YouTube video comments.


The Cabin

This video is funny on its own, but it makes even more sense if you read this blog article first. (FYI the author has other interesting articles on Norway from a foreigner’s perspective, in case you’re interested in that kind of thing.)


The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)

Needs no introduction…


Someone Like Me

A fan favorite. Do you like the dubstep?


La det på is (Put it on Ice) (SUBBED)

Catchy, even if you can’t quite sing along.



Jeg heter Finn (My Name is Finn) (SUBBED)

The only non-original song on this list. It’s a cover of the Ting Tings’ “That’s Not My Name”. Absolutely hilarious nevertheless.

You can easily find other versions on YouTube, though perhaps not with subs, but I’m afraid to update the link since they all get taken down pretty quickly (TVNorge probably only purchased the rights to the song locally, which is why they’re being so strict with this one). But here, have some Vegard dancing instead 🙂


Janym (Жаным) (SUBBED)

Make sure to watch the Big in Kyrgyztan series. It will explain why they’re singing in Russian. Outside a Yurt.



Work It

Everything you didn’t learn in Sex Ed.




Da vet du at det er Jul (Christmas Song) (SUBBED)


BONUS! Learn the “My Name is Finn” Dance


BONUS #2! Ylvis talks to Jan Egeland about his reaction to the song



4 thoughts on “Music Videos

  1. Thanks. Could you translate some of the i kveld med ylvis episodes? Or some of their skits from other performances?

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