Norges Herligste

Episodes of the wildly funny and popular 2007 show Norges Herligste (Norway’s Most Wonderful), in which Bård and Vegard interview some of Norway’s most…ahem… “wonderful” people.


The Naturist Woman — Naturistkvinnen (SUBBED):

NOTE: Plenty of nudity in this one. Apparently too much nudity for YouTube :/

The Thai Man — Thaimannen (SUBBED):

Du-Du-Deli-Dude — Du-deli-du-duden (SUBBED):

The Shaman — Sjamanen (SUBBED):

The Tights Man — Tightsmannen (SUBBED):

NOTE: Mature themes? Sort of?

The Nail Mat Man — Spikermattemannen (SUBBED):

Ma Pantha Anjana (SUBBED):

The Stall Holder — Torghandleren (SUBBED):

National Anthem Man — Nasjonalsangmannen (SUBBED):

The Pen Collector — Pennesamleren (SUBBED):

The Blueberry King — Blåbærkongen (SUBBED):

Originally subbed by Emma.

Art Ranger (SUBBED):

The Role Playing Man — Rollespillmannen (SUBBED):

Originally subbed by fyeah ylvis

Kiwi Bob (SUBBED):

The Boxer Shorts Man — Boxershortsmannen (SUBBED):

The Puppet Man — Dukketeatermannen (SUBBED):

The Vocal Coach — Stemmepedagogen (SUBBED):

Big Boy (SUBBED):

NOTE: This is one of the more “risqué” Ylvis videos. Not safe for young minds, or those who are easily shocked/offended.
Originally subbed by Emma.

The Life Extender — Livsforlengeren (SUBBED):

The Emergency Photographer — Ulykkesfotografen (SUBBED):

The Infinity Machine — Evighetsmaskinmannen (SUBBED):

Mustache Man — Mustasjemannen (SUBBED):

Pub Man — Pubmannen (SUBBED):

The Liar — Juger’n (SUBBED):

The Hurtigruten Man — Hurtigrutemannen (SUBBED):

The Scrap Handler — Skrothandleren (SUBBED):

The Herring King — Sildakongen (SUBBED):

The Inventor — Oppfinneren (SUBBED):

Tommen (SUBBED):

Marathon Man — Maratonmannen: (SUBBED):

License Plate Man — Bilskiltmannen (SUBBED):

Freak Show Lady — Freakshowdama (SUBBED):

The Train Man — Togmannen (SUBBED):

The Energy Lady — Energidama (SUBBED):

Solar Energy Man — Solenergimannen (SUBBED):

The Hermit — Eremitten (SUBBED):

The Fifties Man — Femtitallsmannen (SUBBED):

The Barrel Organ Lady — Lirekassedama (SUBBED):

The Bicycle Psychiatrist — Sykkelpsykiateren (SUBBED):

Veteran Man — Veteranbilmannen (SUBBED):

Termokontainermannen — Thermal Shipping Container Man (SUBBED):

Ugledama (SUBBED):

Comic Book Man — Tegneseriemannen (SUBBED):

Cowboy Man — Cowboymannen (SUBBED):

The Alarm Clock Man — Urmannen (SUBBED):

UFO Man — UFOmannen (SUBBED):

Bonus Clip — The Ferry (SUBBED):

Trailer Sound Man — Trailerlydmannen (SUBBED):

Erotic Man — Erotikkmannen (SUBBED):

The Rock Paper Scissors Man — Stein, saks, papirmannen (SUBBED):

The Street Musician — Gatemusikanten (SUBBED):

The Archipelago Troubadour — Skjærgårdstrubaduren (SUBBED):

This is the eventual “winner” of Norway’s Most Wonderful.
Originally subbed by fyeah ylvis.

The Tuesday Club Man — Tirsdagsklubbmannen (SUBBED):

Circus Man — Sirkusmannen (SUBBED):

Plane Spotting Man — Planespotteren (SUBBED):

Buck Callahand (SUBBED):

DJ Bakkeslett (SUBBED):

Norges Herligste Extras (SUBBED):

Clips from people who didn’t make the show.

“Deleted” Episode – UNICEF Special (SUBBED):



Laughing Compilation:


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