O-fag & Radio

From a radio show Ylvis had in 2006 and again in 2008. O-fag means “O studies”, a subject previously taught in Norwegian primary schools, which was a combination of science and social studies.

Comeback: (SUBBED):

Booking a London Hotel:

If Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer Had a Baby (English Lyrics):

Ytterst på tissen (Tip of the Penis):

This is a little song they made up to pass the time while waiting for people to answer the phone. It proved a bit too popular with school children… watch them talk about it in a recent interview HERE.

The Oil Nation Norway Rap:

My Fish is Your Fish:

Beatboxing master Bård Ylvisåker:

I’m not actually 100% sure this is from O-fag, but I think it is?

World’s Most Popular Fruit:

About the “Spirit” Movie (SUBBED):

Bård sings a Norwegian translation of “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaaks:

Translating from Nynorsk to “Swahili”

On P3morgen (NRK Radio). Apparently they are singing real numbers in Swahili?


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