Old Clips

Clips from when Bård and Vegard had short hair and looked like innocent teenagers.

Kjempeform song (SUBBED):

The Start (SUBBED):

Interview with clips from one of their first shows.

Ylvis Sings Backwards (The Original) (SUBBED):

“Infusical” on Boating Safety Rules (SUBBED):

Nations of the World:

Nations of the World on ‘Beat for Beat’:

Beat for Beat is a Norwegian musical variety TV show

He Snaps With His Left (SUBBED):

Rumor Says (Boyband Parody):

Ylvis sing in many languages:

Sonho Meu (Portuguese song):

Gingerbread Baking Song (Black Metal):

PC Trouble (NOT SUBBED):


Funny Sunglasses (NOT SUBBED):

New Girlfriend Meets the Family (NOT SUBBED):

Ylvis Parodies Singing Competition (SUBBED):

“Farting ’till You Die” (NOT SUBBED):

Ylvis Parody “Ompa ’till You Die” by Norwegian band Kaizer’s Orchestra, on Swedish TV.

Vandalism Campaign 2002 (NOT SUBBED):

Ylvis talk about vandalism and its cost to society. Sent to schools in the Bergen area in 2002.

Various Old Clips (NOT SUBBED):


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