Question of the Day

Calle plays the drums (SUBBED):


Calle decorates a cake (SUBBED):

Calle repots a plant (SUBBED):

Calle decorates a Christmas tree (SUBBED):

Vegard changes a lightbulb/decorates a table (SUBBED):

Vegard Fixes a Monitor/Tiles a Wall (SUBBED):

Vegard conducts a choir (SUBBED):


5 thoughts on “Question of the Day

    • Hi,
      I see you’ve linked to this site on the Facebookies’ page! Thank you, I’m glad people are finding it helpful, and it wouldn’t be possible without the really hard work of you guys and the other subtitlers.
      Just a few notes (I would reply on the Facebookies page, but I started boycotting Facebook long ago — maybe someone can reply to the comments for me):

      I am not a guy?!
      I didn’t send a letter to anyone asking for help administering this site?! (I did send a YouTube message just letting the Facebookies know about it awhile back.)
      You can find me on Tumblr:
      I will try to update the Ylvis fans online list soon….. but I have a ton of other things that are a priority at the moment!

    • Here is Jeg heter Finn subtitled with good video quality. Enjoy!

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