Revenge of the Sidekicks

Season 3

Magnus presents the Weekly Prize (Facebook) (SUBBED):

Episode 11 (15/10/13)

Calle drives to McDonald’s (SUBBED):

Episode 13 (22/10/13)


Magnus’ Blind Test (SUBBED):

Episode 16 (31/10/13)

Calle Reports From NYC:

Episode 17 (05/11/13)

Parking à la Magnus (SUBBED):

Episode 17 (05/11/13)


Magnus Makes a Bed (SUBBED):

Episode 18 (07/11/13)

Magnus and Calle Talk Loudly (SUBBED):

Episode 18 (07/11/13)

Calle Presents Air Horn Classics (Including “the Fox”) (SUBBED):

Episode 19 – UNICEF Special (12/11/13)

Magnus Gathers Sponsors at the EMAs (SUBBED):

Episode 19 – UNICEF Special (12/11/13)

Season 1

Calle Saves the Day (SUBBED):

Calle Interviews Stig Henrik Hoff (SUBBED):

Magnus Conducts Research on Roald Amundsen (SUBBED):

Calle Interviews Intimately (SUBBED):

Calle Interviews in Camouflage (SUBBED):

Calle Makes a Suit (SUBBED):


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