For anyone who doubts Vegard’s singing capabilities…

Stonehenge Live at GodkveldKnowit:


Jan Egeland Live at GodkveldKnowit:

This is. Good. So good.

Jan Egeland Live:

Jan Egeland Live at Grieghallen, December 22, 2012:

Janym Live:

Bård Sings About a Cobra at Øyafestivalen in 2006:


Stonehenge Live at HD Viking Stadium:

NOTE: The sound quality is absolutely terrible on this one (unless you’re most interested in the drums), but it’s cool to see the (huge!) crowd from their perspective. This is also where the onstage scenes from Jan Egeland were shot.


One thought on “YLVIS Live

  1. What the heck. When did they actually learn Russian? They didn’t seem to understand the words when it was written for them back in Kyrghysztan. Love the song, btw, it sounds like a joke to me and they are so funny when they sing it.

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