Ylvis møter veggen

Ylvis møter veggen (Ylvis is Stupid) was a TV show inspired by the Japanese gameshow concept “Brain Wall”. Bård headed up the red team, and Vegard the blue team. The point was to position your body to match the shape of cutouts in a rapidly approaching wall, or be dunked in water. There was also the “quiz wall”, where you had to choose the door with the right answer to a question to avoid being dunked.

These aren’t subtitled, but it’s kind of fun to see Bård and Vegard fail at the game (with some exceptions!).

How many sexual partners has Vegard had (SUBBED):

Vegard shoots Bård with an air rifle (SUBBED):

Bård is guided through blind:

Vegard is guided through blind:

Vegard’s turn:

Bård’s turn:

Bård’s turn again:


One thought on “Ylvis møter veggen

  1. Sorry, but could I just point out that the translation of “Ylvis møter veggen” is not correct. It actually means “Ylvis meets the wall”. 🙂

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